Backing up the data on your computer may be a hassle but it’s a necessity. Hard disk failure can mean the loss of photos, documents and other valuable information that may be impossible to retrieve and replace.

Performing manual backups can be a tedious job - and one that’s easy to overlook – but PC SOS Cloud Backup offers a reliable and secure alternative to the backup options you may be familiar with for as little as £2.95 per month.

The specialist backup software monitors your folders on the hard disk, such as the My Documents or My Pictures folder, and automatically and securely copies files between the computer and the PC SOS Cloud Backup server over the internet. Any changes you make to the data in that folder are copied onto the server - if you add, edit or delete any files, those changes are automatically backed up.

Users can view and download their files through PC SOS’s web portal and it’s also possible to browse photos, listen to music using tools built into the site. You can browse backups from all your computers online and restore cloud backup files with just a few clicks. You can also check on the status of your backups Word documents can be opened and viewed directly in the online word processor Zoho.

iPhone, iPad, Android backup system, stream your music, video and photo collection to your iPhone/iPad - wherever you are. Watch video in any format straight from your iPad and iPhone.

The system will backup up to 30 revisions of a file, so even if you have made a change you can recover an older version of that file if necessary.

Many computer users rely on DVD backup methods, but the discs are can easily be damaged or lost and your valuable documents and pictures gone forever. PC SOS Cloud Backup takes away the worry; your information is backed up automatically.

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